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Tile floor has been installed in the 3rd old bathroom

Finish work started on the “old” side of the build – old is in quotes, because after this project is compete both the old, 1931 building, and the “new,” 1964 addition, will be virtually the same.

Tile work started in the 2nd and 3rd old bathrooms, ceilings are done and painters should move in next week to start painting walls on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors of the old side of the chapter house.  Windows are also scheduled to be installed next week in the 1964 side of the building and the fire escape windows of the 1931 building.

The City of Lincoln will install a new water line to the building tomorrow for the fire sprinkler system.  The air conditioner compressor unit has arrived.  The 1964 chiller equipment was removed as part of this project. The old chiller has not worked for at least 20 years. The chiller room, located under the kitchen, will be used for storage.

Special thanks to Walter Gerlach (Nebraska 1958) for helping solve the mystery of the brass “More Phi Gam, Less Self” plaque that was found during demolition last February.  Brother Gerlach made two of these plaques (one for each door of the second and third floor bathroom) in the foundry located in the basement of Richards Hall.  One of the plaques has been mounted to an exterior column for the Undergraduate Brothers to see as they leave the house and to remind them of this fraternity creed. Thank you again Brother Gerlach for helping solve this mystery.

Windows will be installed next week on the 1964 addition.

Living room ceiling has been installed and will be finished next week.

Patch work will need to be done in the kitchen. Thankfully, the entire ceiling did not need to come down, just select areas to gain access to the heating system. The kitchen will also receive new appliances. If anyone wants to buy the old fridge (heck, if you want to get it out of there) drop the house corporation an email. It works fine, however, the bottom is starting to rust away.

Study area of room 200. The ceiling is done.

Room 210’s (formerly room 212) study area.  This room has two sleeping rooms of this shared area.

New windows in room 400 (formerly known as 4-North).

The study area of room 401 (formerly 4-South).  This is looking at the south wall of the chapter house.

Walls are going up in the new basement study room (formerly B1). The old stairs will blocked off.

All kinds of new pipes and pumps in the boiler room.

And, the new air condition compressor unit. This will be installed in the next few weeks.

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We Remember!

The construction has slowed a bit as we continue to work through building code issues. The City of Lincoln is requiring additional repairs and modifications to bring the building up to current building codes — part of the joy of renovating an 80 year-old building. Drywall and door frames have been delivered and hopefully will go up next week.

During the demolition, the “More Phi Gam, Less Self” bronze plaque was found. It is our understanding that this use to hang on one of the doors. The Board felt this is a great message and decided to have it hung on the right exterior column for our undergraduates to see as they exit the building.

Since this project required all the fraternity property to be removed from the building, the House Corporation is taking advantage of the opportunity to cull our records and organize our photographs. We have two projects we need your help:

  1. Identifying people in photographs.
  2. Providing a copy of composites or class pictures.

Lambda Nu’s Nebraska Lettermen and Innocents
The chapter has a nice collection of pre-1950 Letterman and Innocent Society members. The house corporation plans to display these photographs. If you were a Lettermen or Innocent Society member and your picture is not included in this online gallery, we would love to include it. Email pgd@unl.edu and we will figure out how to get a copy.

Some of our photos are unidentified – other than we know they are a Letterman based off the letter in the photo. If you recognize any of these photos – post their name and we can look up their class year.

Composites photographs
The chapter has 36 composites or class photographs that have been scanned. The House Corporation would like to have a full set to display in the chapter house. If your composite, or class picture, is not included and you have a copy, please email the house corporation at pgd@unl.edu.

Photos from this week:

New electrical distribution is roughed in. Taken in the basement at the bottom of the old stairs.

Housemother’s kitchenette plumbing rough-in on the west wall of the housemother’s living room.  Counters will be installed between the windows and bedroom door.

New metal door fames – no more broken door jams.

Drywall has arrived!  Hopefully it will be installed next week.

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